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About FunderJet

FunderJet is a digital platform that enables the social economy through peer to peer investing and borrowing.

FunderJet partners with the South African community to provide improved lending rates to borrowers and attractive yields to investors.

Meet the founders


Andre Loots 

Chief Executive Officer

Andre Snr is the wise leader of this innovative fintech company with a strong passion for ensuring sustainable financial services to all. With over 37 years of banking experience across Africa and the Middle East, he knows all too well how FunderJet can impact the lives of ordinary people.

Andre’s passion for people and innovation is the driving force of FunderJet with compassion at its core.

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Andre Loots Jnr

Chief Operating Officer

Andre Jnr is the energy that fuels the development and operations for FunderJet. Andre is passionate about enabling the social economy and freeing up financial services to all. 

Andre Jnr also takes great pride in the fact that he shares the experience of starting a business with Snr, and can build a company that will become a pillar in changing people’s lives

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