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Before an SME will be given access to the platform, they will have to answer 3 prequalifying criteria questions:

1. Has the business been in operation for at least a year?

2. Does the business have an annual revenue of more than R500000

3. Is the business located in South Africa?



1. Sending Company profile with annual turnover   over R500 000 to

2. Reviewed by credit department before access to QR code for applications

3. QR Code sent for affordability calculations and signing-up to FunderJet platform as a borrower.

Document needed from SME:

  • 3 months bank statements

  • Latest Financials and management accounts

  • Financials of shareholders

  • List of Debtors and Creditors.


In depth Process once given QR code:

1. Affordability calculator – A calculator where you enter your loan amount etc. that will show you
the monthly instalments, fees etc. based on a generic interest rate.

2. Personal information verification

3. FICA verification

4. Company information with documents for verification

5. Loan application and supplying of documents for affordability

6. Credit Assessment

7. Quote and Contract signing

8. Loan Fulfilment

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