Direct retail credit market access at your fingertips

Want higher returns and higher rewards? You’ve come to the right place.

funderJet provides investors with an efficient funding experience and delivers opportunity for improved investment returns.



What is funderjet?

funderJet is a fully digital transaction platform that revolutionises the way individuals provide secure financial services to one another.  


We believe that trust and transparency is key, and reflects in how we facilitate transactions.

Remove unnecessary middlemen (ahem, ‘banks’) and take charge of your own financial services.

Transform the way you apply and borrow by leveraging the power of our peer to peer platform


Enjoy full control of your investment

You as the investor have full control of your investment, as you decide your risk! 


See the indicative chart based on the different loan risks you can decide to invest in.

Start investing in 5 simple steps

Investors apply by signing up on the web app.

Step 1

Take a photo of

your ID or passport

Step 2

Upload a selfie

Step 3

FICA documentation requirements

Step 4

Deposit Money into your digital wallet

Step 5

Start building your

investment portfolio

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