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Direct retail credit market access at your fingertips

Want higher returns and higher rewards? You’ve come to the right place.

FunderJet provides investors with an efficient funding experience and provides opportunity for improved investment returns.



What is FunderJet?

FunderJet is a fully digital transaction platform that revolutionises the way individuals provide secure financial services to one another.  


We believe that trust and transparency is key, and it reflects in how we facilitate transactions.

Remove unnecessary middlemen (ahem, ‘banks’) and take charge of your own financial services.

Transform the way you apply and borrow by leveraging the power of our Peer to Peer platform




Obtainable benefits and rewards

FunderJet realizes the challenges facing potential Investors, from limited and complex investment vehicles, lack of access to a direct credit market and non-intuitive customer experience. 


We offer direct access & competitive returns.


FunderJet is a game changer in financial services.

Benefits Include

Direct access to the retail credit market that has until now only been accessible through traditional investment products

Higher returns than most standard investment products as the investor receives the full interest amount payable through funding loans

Investors can now fund up to 25 % of a payroll loan not limited to only 10%

Individual Investors pay 1% of their repayments to FunderJet as an admin fee and 1 % withdrawal fee capped at R1000

Institutional investors pay a 1% deposit fee when funding their wallets, 2% of their repayments as an admin fee as well as a withdrawal fee of 1% capped at R1000

Loan Products offered: Payroll Loans and FunderJet loans

FunderJet loans indicative interest rate is 8-16% per annum

You as an investor have full control of your investment, as you create your own portfolios and are only matched to loan products within the same portfolio.

See the indicative chart based on the different loan risks you can decide to invest in.

Total Amount invested

R22 519 998

At 13.4% p/a
(indicative rates)



Less risk, better returns with payroll loan product.

Not only does FunderJet seek to give our investors new and exciting products and opportunities for growth, we’re also in the business of using our skills to provide financial freedom to all South Africans.

We’ve partnered with business experts to provide you the opportunity to invest in payroll deducted loans – which means more security, greater returns and a way forward for many.

Benefits Include

8 – 14% return on your investment.

Reduced risk for your investment, based on the structured approach to receiving payments directly from lender’s salaries.

A Credit Life policy to further secure your investment and give you peace of mind.

Contribution to societal growth, providing a way for South Africans to settle debt quicker, increasing their credit scores and giving them more opportunities for future financial growth.

Benefits Include

Investors are now able to fund our new SME product and earn interest rated indicative to 14-18% perannum.

These companies must have a minimum annual turnover of R500 000 to qualify.

Not only are they manually verified by our credit department but must also undergo our automatedaffordability and digital onboarding process to check all credibility.


SME products

SME products are loans provided to small medium enterprises.

Investors are now able to fund our new SME product and earn more competitive returns.

Simple Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Here you can calculate the percentage that you have earned on your initial investment.
Insert your initial investment and amount you've made to see the percentage you've made.

Start investing in 5 simple steps

Investors apply by signing up on to the web app.

Step 1

Take a photo of

your ID or passport

Step 2

Upload a selfie

Step 3

FICA documentation requirements

Step 4

Deposit Money into your digital wallet

Step 5

Start building your

investment portfolio

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