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What are payroll loans?

Payroll loans are loans employers provide to their employees , the company’s funds grow through
their employees’ repayments. These repayments are automatically deducted from their monthly
salaries by their employer.

FunderJet facilitates this peer-to-peer process, safeguarding investors (employers) and the
borrowers (employees). This process is completed through our digital FunderJet platform.

Employers can help the employees within their own businesses in an accountable manner, whilst
ensuring their employees never miss a repayment. This not only helps the employers but ensures
the employees don’t develop bad debt cycles they cannot keep up with.


How do we create a financial ecosystem that is inclusive to all members?

  • Provide loans to members at a much better rate, bringing down the cost of credit and
    enabling more participants to get access to funding when needed

  • Provide a safe place for investors to fund the different loan products, and receiving a
    competitive yield on their investments

  • Partnering with both the employer and employees to create a sustainable ecosystem for both to thrive

FunderJet has built a platform that matches employee borrowers with either an Employer fund, BEE Fund or other investors from our platform to administer and fund loans through the platform.

Addressing Employees needs

Employees continuously balance between their working commitments, and personal, but often
these two mix into one. With employees participating as borrowers – FunderJet can help them with the following:

  • Provide affordable access to short term financing such as school fees or education

  • Providing more medium term credit to assist in revamping their home, or even assisting
    family members in need

  • Alleviate existing debt burden and the stress it causes by providing loan consolidation and financial wellness education

Addressing Employers needs

Employers play a vital role within the ecosystem as the relationship between employee and
employer become increasingly important. Currently employers have to address the following
concerns on a daily basis:

  • There is no process when staff request for a loan, as employers cannot provide financial
    assistance due to the National Credit Act – even though they want to

  • Experience potential higher absenteeism at work due to stress caused by employers that are
    struggling with mounting debt

  • Higher attrition rate of staff that move due to a slightly better salary

  • Looking for an opportunity to invest funds that currently do not earn any return – hence
    providing a great investment return while helping your staff out!

  • Improve your BEE stance, through investing into a BEE fund that is used to fund your
    employee loans

Employers’ benefits

Employees and suppliers can receive much lower interest rate loans (based on flexible credit products) and Employers with investors can enjoy lower risk returns – truly a win-win


How does it work

Employers and Employee both have an active role in the loan process, with the FunderJet platform
making the process simple and easy to complete – we provide the following:

  • Mobile Loan application interface – easy to use

  • Interactive HR portal for approvals and management

  • Simple administration process and analytics

  • Process that is fully FIC and NCR compliant

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