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You Don’t Need A Bank to Fund Your Dreams.

You Don’t Need Bank to Fund Your Dreams

Scan the QR code to access the FunderJet Progressive Web App today and fund your dreams from the palm of your hand.

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What is FunderJet?

FunderJet offers cost effective rates, transparency and excellent customer care throughout the borrowing process.


Remove unnecessary middlemen (ahem, ‘banks’) and take charge of your own financial services.
Transform the way you apply and borrow by leveraging the power of our peer to peer platform.


Simple Interest Calculator

Here you can calculate the amount of interest on the amount borrowed.
This does not include additional costs like account fee eg.

Scan the QR code or click the button to access our new PWA

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Step 5

Money will be paid out to your account

Step 4

You'll be matched with an Investor

Step 3

A credit check is done automatically

Step 2

Upload a selfie

Step 1

Take a photo of

your ID or passport

Borrowers apply by accessing our Progressive Web App

Access credit in 5 simple steps

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