Enabling the social economy

FunderJet is about partnering with the community to enable the social economy, eliminating the middleman and offering improved lending rates to borrowers, and attractive yields to investors. 


What is FunderJet?

FunderJet is a fully digital transaction platform that revolutionises the way individuals provide secure financial services to one another.  We believe that trust and transparency is key, and it reflects in how we facilitate transactions.



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Benefits of 

the platform

  • Easy digital sign-up process for both borrower and investor

  • Unique matching algorithms that match respective investors with borrowers

  • Secure digital wallet

  • Interactive and intuitive customer dashboards



Apply for a loan in a few easy steps using the FunderJet Progressive Web App


Access to more competitive lending rates.


Start your investment journey.

Invest by funding borrower loans, using a secure & easy online interface

The Platform

Facilitates the process by matching borrowers with the respected investors.


Takes care of all risk, providing transparency throughout the transaction lifecycle

How it works

Why choose FunderJet?

Innovative Matching

Innovative Matching

An innovative digital matching algorithm that efficiently connects qualified supply and demand of capital

Fully Digital

Online operations that substantially reduce the need for physical infrastructure and improve convenience

Intuitive Customer Experience

Data and technology driven automation that increases efficiency, more accurately and fairly charges borrowers, rewards investors, and improves the borrower and investor experience

Sharia Compliant

Sharia -Compliant platform, offering a financially just alternative for customers

For Borrowers 

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Enjoy the best rates on your loan due

to the power of Peer to Peer in a few simple steps

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Get direct access to the retail

credit market 

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About FunderJet

FunderJet is all about partnering with the community through the use of technology to enable the social economy